Flawless skin offers confidence

A firm visage gives shape to my true self

Hold on to my vision and not be labelled

I am who I am


Whenever and wherever I am, I pamper myself with self-love. Living my life while striking a fine balance. Take good care of your skin and provide it with the most effective care there is.

The secret to forever youth is the combination of inner wisdom and outward beauty. Today, let SACA Cosmetics uncover the secret to beauty for all.

Sourced from Nature and Confirmed by Science.

SACA will Pump Up Your Skin with Every Drop of Rejuvenating Power, So That You Can Always Radiate with Confidence.

The philosophy of SACA Cosmetics

SACA is a natural skincare brand founded in Germany in 2019. It strives to set a bar beyond compare for plant-based skincare and cosmetic products.

You can count on our brand’s research and development team. With our pioneering vision and exceptional creativity, we have come up with a fine selection of plant-based ingredients sourced from around the world. Our state-of-the-art techniques of extraction, refinement and purification have the power to significantly enhance the skin-care potential and the portion of natural ingredients in our products.


Flawless skin is the canvas that showcases personal confidence and charm. A radiant and even-looking skin tone will make your beauty blossom.

A healthy, energetic looking and well-sculpted face will empower you to be who you are and let your true self show every single instant. Under this era-defining standard of beauty, whatever age, race or gender you are, eliminating any saggy texture of your facial muscles, smoothening out any wrinkles and resetting your skincare are the cornerstones of our skincare routine. It has also given birth to our very first skincare line - Supreme V.

From today onwards, a set of highly effective and natural skincare products for domestic use have become modern people’s secret weapon to combat the undesirable effects of ageing. This line would inject natural and rejuvenating power into your skin every single day, delivering results on the same par as medical cosmetology.



Sourced from nature and confirmed by science

The science and research team of SACA comprise top-notch scientists and chemists. With their innovative and cutting-edge vision in the beauty and skincare market and professional knowledge in the field of scientific research, our products are subject to the strictest controls there can be, whether in terms of extraction of ingredients, the process of refinement or empirical verification of their effects. SACA works this way so as to amplify the effects of its products to the best they can be. Our team has sourced unique and highly effective plant-based skincare ingredients from all over the world. The main ingredients of our very first skincare line, Supreme V, are extracts from Spilanthes Acmella. It has the effects that parallel those of purely natural Botulinum Toxin and can, therefore, smoothen out any wrinkles which have formed on the skin due to the long-term effects of gravitational pull.

To achieve a series of safe, effective, high-end natural skin care products with quality assurance, all SAKA products have passed strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards in ingredient extraction, refining, quality control, and production management, ensuring that each product is born in a hygienic, sterile, and scientifically proven production environment. Furthermore, the European Commission has recognized SAKA's production base in Germany, demonstrating that all of SAKA 's goods meet with European standards and are solely made in Europe, ensuring  that quality is strictly monitored and people may use it with confidence.